Quick Post: Israeli dressing

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Would you please cover, in depth, the correct application of Gauze (in wound) Israeli dressing?

Please see this quick overview of TCCC from Max Velocity that discusses when to apply the dressing.  The questioner also expressed a desire to take a TCCC class; we would refer you to Max Velocity’s class here, Mosby’s class here. Should those not work out, you can look at the TCCC courses offered by the NAEMT (National Association of EMTs).

Then see the following video for details on how to apply it.


6 responses to “Quick Post: Israeli dressing

  1. I like it,seems like a good system and seems that as long as in decent state of mind one could use on ones self with a fair amount of ease if needed for most of body.I will add these to hunting pack a quicker/better way to dress then what I have now for supplies.I can see having to have one unsterile as used to practice with(will show other folks may be interested),but will keep and things real tough put some new dressing on wound and then this as a last resort,will get a few so only if really needed.


  2. Doc G. I have both the old and the new sport quick-clot paks. I have read the old system causes burns and the newer type is safer. I also have the combat gause roll that is to be packed into a wound. Can you give a quick-post on the correct application of those products for us?


  3. I also would be interested in a write up on the when to use/not use quick clot/and perhaps quick clot impregnated bandaging.On a side note,am going thru the anatomy/physiology links that have been posted here,a lot to digest,thanks(I think!).


  4. First off let me give my “medical” training just for whats its worth (not much just adding it FTR) Basic CPR /AED, Wilderness First Aid, TCCC.
    So thats out of the way. During the TCCC training we were given the opportunity to work with all of the major TQ’s on the market as well as all of the major trauma dressings. We did the work not only on a simulated casualty but also on ourselves. We simulated self aid with both hands and with only a single hand operational. As you might expect some of the products did not perform well under that training. A couple of standouts that worked well were both the CAT as well as the CavArms TQ, these were both super easy to work with one handed. The Israeli Battle Dressing I found to be easy to work with and I made a point to figure out how to do everything I needed to do with it since I had already purchased a number of them for my kits. It is however a little tricky to do one handed. There is however a better product IMHO on the market that fits the bill. The Olaes trauma dressing. Its very similar to the IBD but the material the makes up the bandage has a cling to it so that it grabs onto itself. That makes applying the bandage one handed much easier. The other property that it has is a large wound pad that is filled with gauze. This allows you to pull out the gauze and pack the wound prior to applying the dressing. Its a good bit of gauze so it can cut down on the number of rolls you pack in your kit.
    I purchased about half a dozen of them and rotated the IBD’s out to secondary kits.


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