$100 CT scanner – via Hackaday

Great example of disruptive tech that can be very helpful in grid down and austere medical environments. We’ll be following this one. Hope they nail it.

Don´t spend millions for a computer tomograph – I will build a maker friendly desktop version for 100$ and also a bigger one using a commercial X-ray source.- The big one will fit into a regular car
– The small one will be an advanced desktop xray 3D scanner for makers, which will scan features that an usual optical scanner can´t see

I will automatize the process, so the volumetric image can be browsed directly after the scan – and a 3D model will be generated

CT scanners are still first world luxury products.
This project can make the CT technology accessible to many more people,
either for medical purposes, for research, scanning archeological artefacts, plants, animals, materials etc.

– It´s really cheap compared to a commercial CT scanner.
– It can be build quite fast in high amounts
– It´s transportable and can be run with a standard generator or batteries
– Makes it easy to reproduce complex objects which can´t be scanned with an optical 3D scanner

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