Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry was created for the citizen that has concerns about health, well-being, and medical care in a grid-down scenario. The authors’ intent is to demystify basic medical care to help fellow citizens become more resilient in a long-term emergency, should the normal systems for medical care be disrupted.

It is the intention and hope of the authors that “Mad Max” scenarios don’t happen, and by using education and outreach about basic medical care to all citizens, said scenarios remain fiction and civilization thrives instead.

About your authors:

Doc Grouch:

Ed Grouch vastly prefers wandering the mountain paths among the Dolomites or heavy deadlifts. However, neither of these pays the bills, so he decided on medical school instead. Physician since 2006, now Pulmonary/Critical Care trained, with an interest in Austere Medicine, Grouch works full time at an academic ICU in the Appalachian Redoubt. He spends his off hours shooting, Crossfitting, and building fine handmade furniture.


pa4ortho is a 29.5 year veteran of the military who has served in combat arms, special operations, and medical roles. He has deployed multiple times on four continents. He has worked in disaster response planning at the local and state level here and at the national level OCONUS. He is cross trained in dental. He has practiced medicine in the developing world and done surgery on war injuries on street corners. He has managed multiple mass casualty events. He currently live upwind of most of you and does teach off grid non tactical medical classes by request.

Ivy Mike:

Chronic student and lover of the outdoors.

7 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for bringing your expertise to the prepping masses, guys. I am looking forward to learning with you. ~ A WRSA reader.


  2. This is good stuff Mike and Doc G. This is exactly what the community needs. This is something everyone can and should do. Not everyone is cut out to be a badass G like me. -sarcasm. ok not really. 🙂


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