Quick Post: Long term Storage of Meds–SLEP data

pill bottles

Sorry for the lack of recent posting, I am on service in the ICU and quite busy.

Grabbed something too good to pass up, however.

I here present the actual paper for the Shelf Life Extension Program.

Lots more detail, including specific drugs and how long they lasted.

Note: lots of variability between lots, even from the same manufacturers.

I’m not going to give particular medical advice here because I’m not your doctor and don’t know you. Please read closely, pay attention to the details and choose wisely.  Apply common sense.

Medications are one of the hardest things to throw away, because they are expensive and hard to obtain.  I would argue that cluttering your storage space with things you can’t really rely on, is not something that helps you sleep well at night.

You will see that many meds, if not most meds, can extend past shelf life; most will not do harm if you take them past that particular shelf life. However, there is harm in thinking you are getting benefit from a certain drug for a life-threatening condition, when in fact you are getting no benefit.

Gotta run


5 responses to “Quick Post: Long term Storage of Meds–SLEP data

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  2. Just my opinion here and others might disagree but don’t worry if you can’t post something every day. One, you’ll have to treat yourself for blog burnout 😉 and two, sometimes the material is going to take more than a day to absorb, especially the intense material. Thanks for taking the time to host this blog.
    Miss V


  3. Doc,thanks for getting up what you can when you can,going to take me a long time to digest what is here already,just doing short term reading/learning so I don’t burn out and am in a state of mind to actually learn,my mum was a doc in the VA for over 20 years so know it takes a lot out of someone being a MD(and can be very satisfying work),appreciate that you and Mike passing on valuable knowledge,take the weekend off!


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